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Blurry Lights

Live music and good friends

Last night, I had the opportunity to share the stage with Ryan M. Brewer and Ben Clark at The Lost Canvas Gallery in Keokuk, IA. I've known Ryan for a few years, and I'm always in awe by his performances. He's good. Really goods. It's actually kind of funny how we met.

I was on my very first tour, playing a dive bar in Memphis, TN. When I arrived at the venue, Ryan was already there, sleeping on the stage. He was the kind of musician that played the all the states, going wherever there was a show, no matter how far the drive was. So, naturally, he had probably played a show somewhere 10 hours away, hopped in his car, and drove to the venue, getting there early enough to catch a snooze on the stage. Since it was a somewhat diy show, as in, we did the sound and played to a group of regulars playing pool in the back, we played our hearts out to the backs of heads. I was staying with a group of travelers, and I asked Ryan if he needed a place to stay. Talked to our host, and he was in. The night was somewhat of a blur, thinking back on it. There wasn't much debauchery, just a bunch of young adults, hanging out, with drinks, nothing too memorable. I do remember the next morning, I woke up to a knocking on the front door, and there was Ryan, just coming in from a morning snooze on the porch during a beautiful sunrise.

Aside from our first meeting, we parted ways, and I honestly forgot I had met him until a couple years later when I was booking for my last project, The PBJs, and found him residing in Indianapolis. Since then, he's had the opportunity to travel my way, and we've been able to play together on a number of occasions. If you can, please check out his music HERE.

This time around, he brought along with him brother in arms, Ben Clark. I've just met Ben, a soft spoken, well articulated man, his music is soft and intricate, or loud and willing, with lyrics to match. It was the perfect setting to hear him for the first time last night. It's also interesting to note that he is currently writing two broadway musicals in New York. Please give him a listen HERE. For me, the best part of setting up a show for touring acts, is hanging out afterwards with them, talking about music, tv, movies, travel, life. Bonding over mishaps on the road, and the trials in life that make us who we are. It's almost just a therapeutic as playing live music. Being with the musicians that inspire me, that is a true gift. So, thank you, Ryan and Ben, for being great musicians and friends. You're ever inspiring to me.

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