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Blurry Lights

On the Lake

This weekend, Dust (my bae) and I took off to the Lakes of the Ozarks for a little get away. The opportunity to share a cabin with his brother and his brother's friends, which is much cheaper than trying to rent one solely, had us hopping in the car on Friday, taking the short drive down, and spending the weekend seeing what the area had. It was my first experience. Dust had told me all about going there as a child, seeing these kitschy side show type attractions, a cool arcade with what seemed like a mile of skeeball, and a yeti display. Unfortunately for us, that cool area is no longer accessible, long since closed. Luckily, the skeeball was moved down the road, and although not a mile long, there was more skeeball than I've ever seen in one setting. It was so awesome to have him show me around a place I've never been before, since it's usually I showing him around. The best was his excitement for "old time" photos. He reminisced, saying that he never got to take them when he was younger, but he always wanted to. Later that night, his brother recalled that they usually had the choice of "old time" photo, or go-carts. Little boys would most likely always choose go-carts. I probably would too. Here's the result of our morning getting dressed up and posed.

Obviously, the cutest thing you've ever seen, right? Even when we're not playing music, we're fake playing music.

The rest of our time was spent taking in the sites, shopping, mini golf in a forest, kayaking, and eating/drinking non-stop, like you do on a vacation. A good reboot for the weeks to come.

Just a couple more shows coming up for the year. One in Des Moines this coming weekend at the Vintage and Made Fair. A perfect place to come and get all your decor for your dwelling. My recording schedule will also kick back into gear. So, be sure to look out for my updates here. Until then, peace and love and productivity to you.

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