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Vintage and Made

Yesterday I had the opportunity to play the Vintage and Made Fair in West Des Moines, IA. It's really the coolest craft type fair I've ever been too. Think Pinterest, in real life, plus one. I made it in time to chow down a mean bleu burger and do a quick walk before hitting the stage. It's an interesting venue. Much like playing a restaurant, or a mall, the crowd can change constantly. They have benches for people to rest and listen, more likely resting than listening, but they're right there in front of you, and it brings a new dynamic to singing your lyrics to catch every persons ear. At least, that was my goal. To catch each person's ear long enough for them to stop for a moment in their shopping sprees, and listen. This time round, I played more covers than I usually do. Incorporating my favorites from Lucius, and Semisonic (I totally played "Closing Time" at the end), and First Aid Kit. I brought back some PBJs songs I hadn't sung in about a year, and it showed, with a few missed lyrics here and there. And I got some of the children listening involved with my song "Aooo!", where we howl like wolves looking for our friends. It was a pretty chilled out show. I even broke out the ukulele, and the crowd favorite was "Dream a Little Dream." Maybe I'll record a version of that song for ya'll. Despite the wind, and my inability to plan accordingly for the weather (short dresses are for summer), it was a beautifully gloomy day; my kind of day.

Catch up with me this coming Saturday in Ottumwa at Halloweenapalooza. I'll be selling some of my own crafts, and hosting the costume contest.

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