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Blurry Lights


Last weekend, I went over to Ottumwa to help out the Prescribed Films gang with their annual Halloweenapalooza. The event is an extravaganza of Halloween goodies, featuring the only horror film fest in Iowa, a zombie walk, ghost hunt, live music, vendors of all sorts, presentations from authors, film makers, & paranormal experts, a costume contest, awards ceremony, and of course, Rocky Horror Picture Show, with audience participation.

I had the privilege of having my own vendor table, selling pillows made from rescued tshirts, and hand made coasters and buttons of horror icons. Plus a couple "scrappies" dolls I made from scrap pieces of material. They were so cute.

I also had the chance to host the costume contest. I did it last year too. Here's what I wore last year and this year.

I might like anime, just a little bit. (I may even add in a cosplay section to this site)

All the costumes were so neat. But by far the coolest one, was the Silent Hill inspired couple costume (sorry no picture).

Other than manning my table to sell and sign up people for the costume contest, I didn't get to do too much more, except the 5 minutes I walked around part of the vendors area, and picked up a graphic novel by Ben Clayton, a photographer and author, who happened to make a zombie arm for Neil Gaiman's yard (I didn't get a picture of that picture of Neil and Amanda Palmer, but let me tell you, I was super excited for him. Big fan of Amanda (and Neil by proxy)). I also picked up an awesome coloring book from artist Trey Baldwin, and it's so cool, I don't know if I can color in it.

I have to thank Insane Mike Saunders, Jason Bolinger, and Steven Tracy, along with Teri Terford, Sara Gerot and Hotel Ottumwa, plus all the volunteers, for such a grand event. It's really grown since the first time I visited the event 4 years ago, and I imagine it will only get bigger and bigger. Awesome show, great job!

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