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Blurry Lights

New Album Under Way

In August, I began recording my 3rd full length solo album. I started out strong, putting together a huge list of to-do's in instrumentation. It seemed to be going so easily, almost too easily, recording the base acoustic guitars and vocals for most of the songs on the list, plus a few extras, like bells, accordion, ukulele, and so on. I was able to get a guitar solo here and there. Time ran out, and before you know it, school lessons began, and I was back to the grind of working for others.

Yesterday, a great thing happened. I started recording again. The process is much slower now. My brain has been divided by teaching, care-taking, and recording, along with a new music project that I'll be sharing in the near future.

I've jumped back in with the song "Cogwork". It was one that I am further along than most of the other songs, with most of the instrumentation complete. Today, I sat down with my ukulele and added a new dimension to the track, cutting and pasting away a new soft section to really emphasize the lyrics "I know how to go through the motions, but something in the cogwork won't let me progress."

I also started writing the bass line, an instrument that for some reason, I forget about when recording my solo works until that last bits. Once I figure those out, I'll hit into the drums in the basement, and this'll be the first time I perform drums on any recording. If it goes well, it may be a finished track. If not, then off to the drawing board for more inspiration, and maybe enlist the help of some friends.

Until next time, here's a cool picture my friend, Canyon, took last night and edited together for his ongoing 365 project, which you can check out on his instagram and facebook. Peace.

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