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Blurry Lights

Let there be drums

I am not a drummer. I do okay with rhythm, but it's something I always have to work on. So, when I decided to do my own drumming for this recording, I was like "it'll be fine. I'm gonna be awesome at it." And you know what? It is fine. It is fun. But it's not quite awesome. Yet. When you're working in a DIY situation, anything goes.

In the past, when I've recorded with others playing, I sat back and watched as the recording engineer mic'd everything up. The snare, the kick, the tom, and overhead mics. I didn't pay too much attention. We often recorded both drums and guitar at the same time.

In this instance, I don't have the luxury of miking every drum. I only have the capability to mic a single drum, or cymbal, for the take. It's been humbling, and a lot of fun, to try to play that single part, over and over and over again, until it's just right. I managed to get through two songs yesterday. And then I listened back, over and over and over again, noting where to fix a strike, or where I'll need to record again because I was rushing through a part. I won't lie. Recording everything by myself is lonely, and at times, frustrating. But, it's some of the most rewarding work I've done thus far in my life. I'm really excited for everyone to hear what it will become.

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