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Wandering Heart: 4 YR ANNI

Four years ago, I released my most ambitious album at the time, "Wandering Heart". I say ambitious, because I wrote, recorded, and released the album in less than a month. Yes, it was only five tracks long, but it held more trauma and love than I had ever let go in songs. It also contained instruments I had not yet worked with. Violins, upright bass, and trumpet, along with a new drummer. I was still in the punk rock mindset of roaring guitars, fuzzy bass, and caveman drums, that my two prior recordings held. Wandering Heart changed my mindset towards my solo career, pushing me towards more transparency in my lyrical content that might have been skewed in the past. Although, I always thought I was pretty straight forward.

Thinking back to when it was recorded, I went to Ottumwa, to record in an empty attic with Speak Up Record's Jason Bolinger, the drummer, engineer, and all around good guy in those parts. We recorded over a weekend with friends, like Nik Sorak, coming in to record violin parts I scratched on manuscript paper, and Troy Morgan, whose listening skills and musicianship only took the record to the next level. Jason was patient and helpful, giving production notes that made me a better musician. When the weekend was done, we sent the final song over to Diana Weishaar for a small trumpet ending, that would really be the cherry on the already decadent cake. All these years later, it's still a huge thank you. Thank you for working with me. Thank you for lending your beauty to the art that became what it is now. I'm so grateful for all of you. Check out Speak Up Records HERE.

I am also grateful to everyone who bought a physical or digital copy of the album. I made 100 indivudiual cds, each cover different, and I sold the last one three weekends ago. I don't know if I'll be making anymore physical cds, but you can listen and download the album for free. You can also pay for it, if you choose, and that will help me fund the making of physical cds, cassettes, and hopefully vinyl, for this next release. Check out Wandering Heart HERE.

A Hui Hou,


The musicians I mentioned above are all currently rocking in the following projects. Go follow them too.

Jason Bolinger - X-Ray Mary

Nik Sorak - Nik Sorak

Troy Morgan - Troy Morgan

Diana Weishaar - The Host Country

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