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Blurry Lights

Hello September!

Hi September, and the unofficial end of summer.

It's Labor Day weekend, and wow, has the summer flown by. I have a brand new Baking Melodies in store for you.

In other news, the new full length album is coming along nicely. I was hoping to release it this month, but it's nowhere near that ready. I'm starting to look at next spring for the release, but really, I'll just let it go when it's ready, which could be next month, or it could be next year.

Until then, I'll start teaching music lessons here in my home town this week, and I'll be off to visit family in a couple weeks. Until then, you can catch me around Iowa in September and October. I'll be heading back out on the road in the new year. If there's anywhere you'd like to see me, just comment, and I'll do my best to make it happen.



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