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New Music and Baking Melodies!

Hey y'all. It's been a minute. I've been hanging with family this month, and some fun things were in the works while I was away. Like THIS!

Tomato Soup Cake with my friend, Jonathan Foster. We talk about his boutique record company that he runs in Redding, CA. It was really nice to hang out with him this summer as he was passing through on his annual tour of the US.

Also new this end of the month is some music from my electronic duo, Finally Some Action. You can listen here, and buy it HERE:

My lovely Dustin worked on the music for this project over the past two years, and I feel so privileged to be able to lend my vocal abilities to it. My personal favorites are "Black Cat", "Twin Galaxies", and "Geist". They're all dark wavey. I"m into that.

On my own solo album front, I'm trucking along. I've managed to gather some instrumentalists in an attempt to add some strings and horns to the album. Yes, it's becoming quite the project. I mean, it already was, but now, it's getting more fun now that I've invited some friends along for the ride. More info on that will be forthcoming, I promise.

Finally, if you're into new music every week, I'm still putting out a new song every Friday on my Patreon (along with a cover on Monday, and some art on Wednesdays). You can join for only a $1 to hear it all right HERE. You also get to see the new Baking Melodies two days before they're released to the public.

Catch ya later!


Upcoming Shows:

Sunday, October 8 - Solo - The H.O.L.E., Keokuk, IA, (Msg for address.) 7 PM, with Piano/Stairs, Lakenheath, and Evan Langford, All Ages, $3

Saturday, October 14 - Dee Pretion - Gabe's, Iowa City, IA, with Closet Witch, Obsidian Sword, Acoustic Guillotine, and Dryad. 8 PM, 19+, $5

Sunday, October 22 - Solo - The Lighthouse, Iowa City, IA (msg for address), 7 PM, with Vagabonds, and Bri. All ages, $5

Saturday, October 28 - Dee Pretion - The Trumpet Blossom, Iowa City, IA, 7 PM, with Condor and Jaybird, Closet Witch, The Golden Fleece and Dryad. Special Halloween Cover Show. All Ages, $5+ - benefit for RVAP

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