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So Long 2017...

It's been a year of growth and renewal. I learned a lot about myself, as I'm sure most of you have learned about yourselves. I thought it might be a great time today to reflect on some good things that happened, because the worldly pains are constant and seemingly forever.

Before we look at the good, I want to hold up those we lost this year. Those that fought for our rights in the streets with protests for peace and accountability. Those who gave their lives for something as simple as being present. I think about those who've been constantly marching toward the better, with their heads held high in defiance of our horrible government and those civilians who are, for some reason, turning to old and painful thought processes, tearing down their fellow man. Thank you, if you've made those phone calls to your representatives, and mailed postcards and letters, or took to the streets to commune with others who see the injustices. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Some good things:

Dustin and I performing as "Finally Some Action".

My retrowave band "Finally Some Action" and my grunge band "Dee Pretion" have been playing shows and they've been the savior in my life for playing not only the most emotionally charged tunes (in Dee), but having the most fun dancing and bringing light to myself and to friends who've shared the experience (in FSA).

I have a short run of solo shows at the end of January, and then I won't be playing solo until my next solo album comes out, which, I have down as a new years resolution to finish it. So, of course, I'm gonna make myself finish this thing so I can play again.

On that note, 6 of 11 songs are tracked and awaiting mixing. I definitely took on a huge project trying to do this on my own, but I think most of my work has actually happened over the past couple months. So, I'm on the up.

Courtney and I on the last day of tour.

I made my donation goal of $1000 to charities around the world. Some places that I donated to, that I would encourage you to donate to as well, are: National Alliance on Mental Illness, Planned Parenthood, GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders, Kids in Need Foundation, and St. Louis Legal Fund, just to name a few.

I got to tour back in June with the lovely Courtney Krause, who is on the cusp of releasing her next album. Please check her out.

Baking Melodies was a lot of fun to bring back this year. I hope I can get my software issues sorted so I can post more this coming year.

I completed my 52 week project, with a final 30 day project, all with the help of my Patreon followers. Each Monday, I released a cover song, each Wednesday, I released a craft (painting, sewing, how to, or Baking Melodies video), and each Friday, I released a new song. Plus, during this month of December, I released a new song every day. Because, why not? I'm scaling back my patreon, and will only be posting once or twice a month, to really set myself up for success in both posting new music there, but also completing the new album.

Luna, the cat.

Thank you everyone for your support. Musically, spiritually, through shows and online. Thank you for pushing me.



P.S. Look at my cat!

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