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Blurry Lights

Polar winds and Icy Grins

Geez, it's already almost February (in two days). And I'm realizing now that I haven't paid much attention to this little site. Ah, such is life. So, since I last posted, I've put out a new 3 song covers ep called "They Say I Look and Sound like Joan Baez, but Do I Really?". A jokey title, but also a reference to when I would go into the local music store when we had one, and the owner would always call me Joan Baez. Or Linda Rhonstadt. Both, phenomenal musicians, who I was humbled to be compared to, but also, wished I wasn't compared to anyone. That Leo ego, I think. You can hear the songs here:

I've also updated my available t-shirts with my "brand" name on them. I realized that these new shirts didn't have anything that would say "hey, this goes with that musician". They just looked like cool shirts. haha. Check the new additions on the merch page.

I've got tons of shows coming up. It was such a pleasure playing with a band this month in Ames, Iowa City, and Keokuk. But the next few shows are either solo or with my darling drummer.

In future news, a new Finally Some Action ep is almost completed. I'll post the music here when it's all said and done. I'm working on an lo-fi ambient/slowcore collab with my friend, Nick Sweat, who does a lot of ambient and noise work HERE. And, in the spring, I'll be creating a couple new Cancer/Leo tracks for a split with my pals, Cult of Volac. Finally, my family band "The Islanders" are throwing their hat into the recording ring, and we'll have something available just in time for St. Paddy's day. Let me tell you, it's like herding cats with them, but we'll get there somehow.

Until next time, see you at the show!


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