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Beauty in Review

Y'all. There was a beautiful review about "Nothing" written by Woody of the online review blog, Sock Full of Pennies. You can read it in full detail HERE. But I just wanted to pull some lines for you now.

"Part of the beauty of being a solo artist is embracing the inherent autonomy provided by not having to play along with anyone else. It’s an idea so many artists are afraid to explore, but Nalani Proctor embodies this ideal wholeheartedly on their latest LP Nothing."

"From my first listen, it became terribly clear just how personal of a record Nothing is, and just how much went into shaping it. Each of the eleven tracks features a wholly unique arrangement, tailored to the song’s energy and emotional content."

On The Fool: "The melody seems sung almost through clenched teeth, admonitions delivered with restraint towards the “champion of silence.” Each word hovers just beyond patience, each syllable tinged with frustration yet delivered with powerful honesty."

I'm humbled and ecstatic by such kind words. Thank you, Woody.



Photo by Canyon McCarty

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