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Album updatessssss!

Things have been moving along nicely. First, I'm finishing up mastering for the album this week. It'll be sent to be cut to lacquer in a couple weeks, and then it'll be sent to the processing plant to be made into vinyls. This part takes a long time, so they may not be ready in time for the release, but we'll just have to see.

Second, I've also got some artwork coming in from friends and artists I love, for a companion art book that I'm creating to go along with the album. Each song will have a piece of art work that an artist has created based on their interpretation of the song.

If I didn't already say, the album will be called "Nothing". It's 11 songs, about 38 minutes long, and I'm so happy and relieved this is almost out in the world. I'll be releasing it on June 22, 2018. Along with vinyl, CD's and cassettes will be available, as well as, digital downloads and streaming.

Back to artwork, my wonderful friend, Kayla Lowman, is creating the album covers, 4 in total. The CD's will show two on the outside and two on the inside. The vinyl will show off one of the inside covers. And the cassettes will feature all the covers. I love them so much. Her watercolor work is phenomenal.

More Merch!

Along with the basics of t-shirts and patches, music and the like, I'm also making a "loot crate" of sorts. Two boxes, actually, called the "Mighty Bird" box, and the "Leo Cusp Cancer" box. I'm hand decoupaging the outsides of the boxes to match the themes. The Mighty Bird box will have some special things connected to the song, like a tea cup and tea, bird seed, and a plush bird. The Leo Cusp Cancer box will be witchier, with tarot cards, an astrology print out, and sage. Both boxes will come with a CD and shirt, notebook, pen, and other things that I haven't figured out yet. They'll run somewhere between $30-$40 depending on what I can stuff in them, and also keep with that loot crate availability. They'll only be available at shows.

Lastly, I released "Cancer/Leo" at the end of last month. It's HERE. It's free, but donating will help off set the cost of making vinyl.

See ya next time.


Upcoming shows:

Saturday, April 14: 7 PM, The H.O.L.E., Keokuk, IA, All Ages, $3, w/ Evan Langford, Fickle Weather, and Tuck

Thursday, May 3: 9 PM, Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Iowa City, IA, (w/ Dee Pretion), $5, All Ages, w/ TBA

Saturday, May 26: 3 PM (All day), Alex Fest @ Rozz Tox, Rock Island, IL, (w/ Dee Pretion), $10-15, All Ages, w/ a ton of bands that have Alex's in them.

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