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Kayla Lowman is a Goddess

May 4, 2018

Hey y'all. Today, I want to share the album artwork with you. I'm so in love with all the work that Kayla Lowman does, but she really took the cake (topped the cake? how does that saying going?) with these watercolors. Check it.


 I asked her to create an album cover based on the album, and she created 4 ideas, and I was like, "Let's do all of them!" 

So, we'll be seeing these, in some kind of way, on all the different media - cassettes, cds, vinyl, digital. Something for everyone.


Album out June 22.


If you'd like to own some of her artwork, she has some things out on, and she updates that pretty regularly. Also, she tattoos in Keokuk, so call Ink Invasion, and have her create a beautiful piece on your body. Here's what she did for me this past week:




May the for(th)ce be with you (and also with you),



Upcoming Shows:


Sunday, May 13: Buchanan House Winery, Tipton, IA, 2 - 5 PM, Free


Friday, June 1: 300 Craft (Rooftop), Des Moines, IA, 5 - 8 PM, with Courtney Krause


June 2 - 9 : More info to come!! (Omaha to Denver and back)




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