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TV Spot, New Jams, Charities

Hey fam,

I'm coming to you after a few weeks of post tour depression with renewed invigoration in songwriting. I've started working on a new album, a new ep, and some new singles with Finally Some Action. The EP titled "what's happening?" will be out shortly, it'll be donation based and I'll donate all the funds to RAICES. (If you want a cool shirt with the f word on it, you can support raices with one of these.)

In more current news, I'll be on "Iowa Live" on Des Moines area tv channel CW 23, Thursday, August 22, at 9:30 AM, with a couple songs from "Nothing". I think streaming will be on their facebook page (but I'm really unsure on that).

I'd also like to share a couple other charities I'd love for y'all to check out.

Protect Mauna Kea - There are hundreds of kanaka maoli (native hawaiians) and supporters currently blocking the construction of the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) due to it's confirmed adverse effects on Mauna Kea and the environment surrounding. Before this occurred, they have been fighting against this construction for several years, as there are already 13 other telescopes on the mountain, now defunct and unused, littering, leaking toxic chemicals, basically destroying the land surrounding them. Please take a moment to follow their work on instagram at protectmaunakea and donate here. You can also buy a really cool shirt or two that goes to their funding as well here.

Yellowhammer Fund- This charity provides funding to anyone looking for abortion services in Alabama (they only have three clinics). You can donate here. You can also get a really cool compilation called "Riffs for Reproductive Justice", with it's funds going to yellowhammer, here.

Planned Parenthood - I know most of you know this one, but it's important now that we donate, as they have left the Title X government program due to a gag rule that enforces that clinics/doctors are no longer able to give folks all the options for family planning (i.e. abortion). Need I remind you that PP also does free cancer screenings, pap smear, breast exams, STI exams, family planning,etc etc etc, to keep folks safe.

Stay strong out there,


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