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April update - Music, Twitch, Shows, Art

Hi everyone,

I hope you're surviving the end of winter/summer okay. Winter is holding on tight here in SE Iowa. So I thought I'd post a little update on what I'm up to.


I've been terrible about updating here on the new music I've released. Nothing really new under my name, but I have released two new albums of freestyle loops under my twitch moniker, unfocusedinia. You can hear those albums at "Thursday Morning" and "Friday Night" were both released March 4th. I'm slowly working on some new songs for an album, maybe to release in Summer 2023, but I'm not going to rush it. Here's a song demo of a song called "survive" . This demo vid is not public, so I feel like it's a little secret for us. I wrote this as part of a monthly song writing prompt twitch musician pal Windy_Harper is hosting in her discord. I had also just played the game "One Hand Clapping: Sing your Song" and it really gave me a lot of inspiration for this song.

Live Shows!

I have three live shows coming up, one with FSA and two solo. Finally Some Action will perform during Gross Domestic Product Festival this month on Saturday, April 23, at 5 PM at Teehee's lounge in Des Moines, IA. Tickets are live now for the event: They have a special discount for practicing Iowa Musicians, so if you qualify, take it!

My second live show will be a solo set at Back Alley Bandfest happening in Keokuk, IA on Friday, May 27, at 6 PM. This is a free event happening in the Historical District of Keokuk. I will update closer to the event on my placement, but I'm looking forward to performing live for y'all. My third live show forthcoming is Keokuk's Juneteenth celebration happening at Rand Park, Keokuk, IA on Saturday, June 18. The celebration event will start at 9 am and goes until 10 PM. It's free to attend. I will perform during the local music section from 3 - 5 pm, alongside many talented performers from Keokuk and the surrounding area. There will also be vendors, food, a fishing tournament in the morning, kids area with free books and games for prizes, Free throw contest, DJ, and two traveling music acts performing in the evening. Definitely an event for the whole family.

Twitch Update

I'm continuing to stream almost everyday over on twitch. I've found such joy in creating miniatures, along with learning new music and playing new video games. The current schedule is as follows: Tuesdays - 1 PM - miniatures, Wednesdays - 2 PM - Video Games, Thursdays - 9 am - Music and 1 PM - arts and crafts, Fridays - 7 PM - music, Sundays - 2 PM - music. Stop by any day and say hi, but on music days there's a request queue for my original songs and also cover songs i've learned (almost to 400 songs in the list).

I became a Stream Raiders Affiliate a couple months back, and we also continue to play that game during arts and video game streams. Stream Raiders is free to play, and you can support me through purchasing my branded skins (unlike other micro-transactional games, the skins are merely cosmetic and are there to support the streamer; they do not help you win) Join us for a stream to check out the game

I also have the opportunity this month to have a stream sponsorship from Hello Fresh. You may already be aware of them, but if you're not, Hello Fresh is a recipe box delivery service. They send pre-portioned ingredients for you to make, and promote quick cooking. I know it's not for everyone, but if it's something you'd like to try, I have a special link and promo code: promo code: POGSE4428 Using the link and code directly supports me.


I mentioned earlier that I make miniatures on stream. I've also gotten into painting. Love me some Bob Ross. Well, on special occasions I will try the Bob Ross painting challenge on stream, where you paint at Bob's pace, but I added the challenge of not watching him, only listening, and sometimes the streams got a little silly. This month, I put all the paintings up on my Ko-Fi shop. I'm also working on editing together videos from some of the painting streams, just to capture the silliness that ensued. Check out the shop here: I would like to eventually add in some of the spiral artworks and miniatures I've created on stream. I may also participate in the local Art Center's art show at the end of April. I will update on social media if that does take place.

I think that's it for now. I'll be sure to stop back in a couple months to give another update.

A hui hou,


P.S. I got to visit the SPAM museum this month.


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