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Bandcamp Friday this Friday and more?

Hi everyone!

I hope your summer has been going well and you're staying cool. I've been having so much fun continuing my streaming journey on Twitch. I celebrated 2 years on Thursday, August 25, and it was a tear fest (of joy of course!). During this past summer I also attained two goals I had set for myself; 2000 followers and Stream Raiders Partner. The next goals for Fall are to put out two eps, one for Unfocusedinia and Chat written songs, which I'm currently recording, and one of my own original songs that I've slowly been writing over the last couple years. In the mean time, this Friday is the return of Bandcamp Friday, and I will have a punk rock single on my bandcamp and the audio of an all freestyle song set on my UnfocusedinIA bandcamp. I hope you'll check them out!

In other news, I'll be performing a lovely live show in my hometown, a set in an online festival, and a couple songs for a round table, all in the same weekend in October. I will release all the pertinent info when I have it!

Until then, See you on TWITCH


Current Twitch weekly schedule:

Wednesdays - 2 - 5 PM - Video Games Thursdays - 1 - 4 PM - Miniature Making Fridays - 9 AM - Noon - Subscriber Requested Music, 7 PM - All Request Music Sundays - 1 - 4 PM - All Request Music

Photo by Doug Ewing


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