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Blurry Lights

Happy New Year!

I hope your year has been... well, I hope you are doing okay. I'm on the up, and I know that's because of the support I've received from my family and friends. I'm sending you all the best of wishes and support from your surrounding this coming year.

I've been feeling motivated again to create new things. Streaming on Twitch has pushed me to become a better musician, as well as, allowed me to expand my horizons for different art styles. I'm hoping to begin writing/recording a new album to release in 2023 (this sounds like a made up number, right?) and get back out on the road, pandemic pending. Until then, I'm still streaming weekly on Twitch ( ) and I've reopened my Patreon and added in Ko-fi for different supporting roles. I also finally caved and made a tiktok. It's sparse and I'm doing my very best to not post cringe, but no promises. Also in the works is to rework this websites look. More on that in the future

Cheers to you and me and everyone in the new year!



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