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Blurry Lights

Summer update!

Hello all, hope your summer has gone well. I've been busy over on Twitch, playing music every Friday night at 7 pm and Sunday afternoons at 2 pm, along with crafting miniatures and playing video games and chatting away. You can join us over at Close to 1000 followers and almost 1 year on the platform. I recently finished this little miniature, the cabin from Evil Dead 2.

In celebration of 1 year on Twitch, I've started a charity auction for the Blindfold Bob Ross Challenges paintings I've done in the past year. All proceeds will go towards Girls Rock! Iowa City camps, a camp that fosters creativity and uplifts young girls, women, and LGBTQIA+ youth through music and community action. You can participate here:

Lastly, I put out a single on August's Friday the 13th called "Voorhees". It's a love song I wrote some time ago, with the Friday the 13th movies as inspiration. You can listen/download for free at

See ya'll soon!

-Nalani P.S. My retrowave/synthpop duo Finally Some Action has a show on Sunday, August 29, at xBkLive in Des Moines, IA. Tickets are here:


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